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Mexico is the most accessible country in the region from the United States and Canada.


We pinpoint for you the communities that would suit you best overseas with all the comforts of home.

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Top Destination

host world conferences like the World Economic Forum. Beach, Luxury, Connectivity, Cosmopolitan

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Posh & Hip

resorts, vacation rentals and boutique properties abound in this region, too, giving travelers plenty of options to suit their preferences and budgets.

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Lux Wellness

 History buffs and water lovers. You can spend time lounging on the beach, exploring ancient ruins and swimming in secluded cenotes

5 Reasons Why Mexico is a Hotspot Worthy Of Your Attention

Tired of the rat race north of the border? Looking for a slower-paced life where the only winter shovel you'll need is for building sandcastles? Hoping to stretch your dollar a little further than you do today?

Yes. Yes. And yes.


All are good reasons to consider the Riviera Maya as a potential retirement destination. 

  1.  It's close to home. If you live in North America, most major cities are two- to five-hour flights from Cancún International Airport.

  2. There's a thriving expat community. You can arrive on a Wednesday afternoon, and by Friday being beachside for happy hour with 40 expats from around the world. It's not an organized event; it was just another Friday in paradise according to the "locals."

  3. Non-stop entertainment. The expat groups are always planning something. From lazily rafting down a river in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere to visiting and swimming in one of the hundreds of magnificent cenotes (aboveground and underground swimming holes) to visiting magical archeological ruins throughout the Yucatán Peninsula to simply meeting at the beach club for lunch and a cocktail or three, there is always something in the works. And there are tours galore if you want to leave the planning to someone else.

  4. Getting around is easy. Most retirees have vehicles, but if you're visiting for a short stay, it isn't critical.  You can hop on colectivos—vans that drive up and down the coast connecting passengers between Tulum and Playa del Carmen or Cancún and Playa del Carmen. Simply head out to the main north-south road (there's only one) and the vans will stop for you if they have room.

  5. The people. In addition to the expats you will meet, also connected with so many wonderful local residents during our stay. They were always helpful, too, even if your Spanish is not on point 

Throw in the low cost of living, the year-round warm weather, and the proximity to other magical towns and cities, like Cozumel, Mérida, and San Miguel de Allende, and it's easy to see why the appeal of the Mayan Riviera is so grand.

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