Mortgage and Financing Real Estate Investments in Mexico

Mortgage and Financing Real Estate Investments in Mexico

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Most foreigners move to Mexico for the culture, food, and the weather, but for many others finances play the key role, realizing their nest egg may not be adequate for them to retire comfortably.

Most real estate purchases by foreigners in Mexico are cash or equity from their property back home or with a developer’s short-term financing as there are a few financing options in Mexico. The purchasing process offers benefits such as a reduced price, the first choice of the condo, and developers may include other incentives such as upgrades or furnishing packages depending on the stage of construction. 

The cost of investing, taxes, and maintenance are considerably lower in Mexico. You can enjoy a greater quality of life living on a fixed income in Mexico.

We can provide assistance with:

  • Canadian special financing plan with 0% interest 
  • Investing in Mexican Real Estate using your IRA
  • Access to Mexican Mortgage services as a foreigner
  • Financing services in Mexico for Mexicans