Closing or Completion Assistance

Closing or Completion Assistance

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Closing, also known as completion, is the final step in executing a real estate transaction. 

At IBG Realtors & IBG Legal, we provide our clients with a one-on-one consultation to review the steps of the real estate transaction, answer any questions, and provide the client with a closing estimate cost before the process begins.

IBG Legal will conduct due diligence on the property revealing any liens, verify zoning and construction permits, and ensure a clear title.

Our closing services protect your investment from start to finish, from reviewing and negotiating your purchase agreement, insured escrow service through to handing over the title deed of your new property.

IBG Realtors & IBG Legal will coordinate all the necessary services with the appropriate authorities, and we hold ourselves responsible for acquiring all the necessary documentation.

Our lawyers not only ensure your investment is secure, but they will do the legwork, and you avoid the runaround to various government offices collecting and verifying certificates, documents, and paying fees. Dealing with official agencies will be very difficult if you are not fluent in Spanish, and if you speak Spanish, dealing with Mexico’s bureaucracy can be very challenging. The legal team at IBG Realtors & IBG Legal have the experience and the proper connections which enable them to achieve all the closing requirements quickly and efficiently.

Along with collecting and reviewing documents, part of the closing services from IBG Realtors & IBG Legal also includes coordinating with the notary, the bank, the seller, researching building permits, land use, tax register, ensuring all utilities and taxes are paid to date and that all property owners are in agreement with the sale.

We will determine the best strategy regarding your purchase. If the property is within the restricted zones (50 km from the coast or 100 km from the border) we will determine whether the purchase should be made through a fideicomiso (bank trust), in which case we make arrangements with the bank.

Our Mexican real estate lawyers will deal with any legal issues that might evolve during the real estate transaction.