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Working Remotely? Our Top 7 Online Tools #stayathome

Almost overnight, remote work has become mainstream. Companies around the world are encouraging their employees to work from home to prioritize the health and safety of their workforce and communities.

#1 Manage the Impact of Adjusting to Your New Work Environment

Your well-being is inextricably linked to productivity. The transition from an office environment to a remote work environment can throw us off balance. Learn how to bounce back and shift the relationship with your stress response with the help of this amazing app:

#2 Remotely Manage and Lead Teams 

Managing and leading teams under normal circumstances has its challenges. So, how do you lead a team remotely and make sure to keep your people engaged? Learn how to encourage productivity, engagement and boost morale remotely with the following FREE Training


"I have led my A-Team 100% virtually for many years. During that time, our business has multiplied 20X.

It IS possible to run a virtually distributed team and maintain intense engagement and insane productivity"

by Darren Hardy our Top Success Mentor

#3 Get to Know Your Remote Work Productivity Tools 

For many of us, a new work environment means new virtual technology. Get to know the productivity tools that will help you connect with colleagues when you’re not in the same physical location: 



SOCIAL MEDIA Productivity Tools 

#5 Tailwind is the smartest way to manage your presence across the visual web (Pinterest & Instagram). Tailwind is an official partner of both Pinterest and Instagram and offers a complete suite of marketing tools including Smart Scheduling, Analytics & Monitoring, Content Discovery, Promotion, and more.

#6 CANVA Design tips and inspiration for everyone from beginners to professionals. Learn how to create great graphics and documents – from social media posts to resumes and more. Browse the best designs from across the web and the world.


#7 RIPL Create branded videos and images in minutes, then instantly post to all your social media accounts at once.


Whether you’re new to remote work and looking for tips on how to be productive in your new home office, or you’re leading a team and looking for ways to keep your employees connected, we hope these resources can help you on your path to becoming more effective regardless of where you are.

IBG Realtors Sustainable Living

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