About Us

We seek to deliver our investors and clients high returns and places to live and grow while taking care of our amazing Mexican nature, flora, and fauna. We as real estate professionals have an opportunity to shape our environmental future today. Properties in our portfolio allow a natural balance between humans and nature.

Committed with Luxury, Comfort, Innovation, Technology, and Sustainability

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We support businesses and non-profits that create economic opportunity and well-being.

We as real estate professionals while transitions into the low-carbon model, have innovative new technologies and practices implemented in our company that help us presenting opportunities to our clients to adopt new strategies to reduce their carbon footprints while enjoying life and nature

  1. By choosing suppliers and service providers with strong sustainability practices

  2. High-efficiency smart building systems that run smoothly and prevent energy waste. These systems not only reduce energy costs but also support workplace services that go a long way toward improving the human experience at work.

  3. The proliferation of standards and certifications has helped to deliver a growing inventory of efficient, sustainable, and high-performance properties that now can request a Well Certification.

  4. Renewable energy offers an exceptional opportunity to not only reduce the consumption of GHG-producing fossil fuels but also to achieve immense cost savings. Biogas, Solar Panels, Water Treatment Plants, and more are in our catalog.

  5. Emphasis on health, social equity, well-being are key elements to choose a property.  Land use, zoning, and the location of public amenities are critical to better distribute equity.

  6. Tenants driving sustainability innovation: conserve energy, and reduce energy costs, emphasizing the importance of collaboration among tenants, building owners, and service providers.

  7. Optimized building operations, with an emphasis on alternative power, including onsite distributed energy resources, offsite renewable energy, and utility-provided green power.

  8. Building for resilience, on a property, portfolio, and citywide basis, is paramount to staying competitive. Critical infrastructure investment, repair, and replacement, and the level of commitment are into consideration.

  9. Water as a resource to be conserved and leveraged.

  10. Waste reduction over a building’s life cycle. By delivering more flexible, adaptable, and deconstructable buildings, assets can become more productive, more agile, and less damaging to the environment.